Friday, 13 October 2017

Best Keywords - How To Increase Adsense Earning - 100% Working

Every Adsense publisher can significantly increase their Adsense earnings by choosing the best Adsense keyword and the top paying Adsense keyword. This article will discuss how to increase your adsense earnings by at least 200 percent by using the best Adsense keyword. 

The Google Adsense program has become a favourite of many internet marketers in increasing their online income. One of the keys to increasing your Adsense income is by increasing the amount of traffic to your website. Another easy method for increasing your Adsense earnings is by placing the best Adsense top paying keyword on all your Adsense websites and web pages.

As well as finding the best Adsense top paying keyword, the secret is making sure your website is relevant to your chosen best Adsense keyword. Make sure your main keyword is in your h1 header tags, in the title of your web page, in your web page description and also in your meta keywords.

Make sure your best top paying Adsense keyword is in your heading, and preferably the first words used.

Make sure your best top paying Adsense keyword features prominently in the first paragraph of your web content, but make sure that the website copy makes sense.

If you have any images on your phrase use the alernate text image description as another place to put your best high paying Adsense keyword, however describe the image, don't just place the keyword in it.

If you are an Adsense publisher then it's absolutely critical that you focus on finding the best top paying Adsense keyword for every page of your websites. The reason for this is pretty clear. One keyword may be worth $17.00, a very similar keyword may be worth $2.20. You of course won't get the full $17.00 every time a visitor to your website clicks on your Adsense ads. You and the Google Adsense program will share this revenue.

When you know what your potential site visitors are looking for and have optimized your Adsense web pages for the best top paying Adsense keyword, the more visitors to your website the more clicks you should receive.

Another factor to bear in mind is that the older your website is, the better Google Adsense ads will appear on your site. Your Google Page Rank will also have an effect on this, as will your website traffic.

Also don't just focus your entire website on your best top paying Adsense keyword. There is a lot of competition for certain Adsense keywords. By using certain Adsense keyword tools you can find more long tail keywords with very little competitioin at all which, when you add them up with other long tail keywords, will add up to a lot of traffic and more Adsense earnings.

This article has discussed the difference between ordinary keywords and having your site optimized with best top paying Adsense keywords. Now that you know how to do that you must find the right tools to optimize your sites for the highest paying Adsense keywords. 

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