Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Facebook Page To Publish in urdu/Hindi Trick 100% Working

Facebook Unpublish Page To Publish Trick (100%

-Facebook Unpublish Page To Publish Trick-

Step 1 - Unpublish Page On Karo.

Step 2 - Page Ki

All Posts Remove Krdo.

Step 3 - Then Usi Page Sy

Related Ek Decent DP or CP Lga LoStep 4 - DP And

CP Lgany K 1 Hour Baad Appeal Per Click Karo

Appeal :-Dear Facebook,we are unable to find the

actual reason of unpublishing of our page, we never

attempt any wrong activity on this page, if we've

ever done an activity on this page which violates

facebook's terms and condition then we want

apologize, In my view ,the page was unpublished by

mistake. Neither there is anything vulgar on page

nor the likes were taken from third party. Still it is

detrimental to see that the page is unpublished.I

would now like to request you to publish my page

so that the content is visible to its fans.Thanks

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