You know that you can earn easy money via paid surveys in Pakistan without investment. That’s why I created a list of best survey sites that pay cash in Pakistan so that students can pay their fees without depending on parents. This is the job that is Attractive, easy to do and involves a lot of money. Many people have earned money from these jobs and now living a happy life. Online Surveys are held by big multinational companies like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Burger king, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Lays etc in order to test there products are to enhance their products. Online surveys are also held so that companies can improve customer care and know what customer expect from them.
So you can imagine that what you have to do in online surveys in Pakistan. Well ,there are many questionnaire involve in these surveys which are related to the company product. These questionnaires have many questions and each question have four options. You just have to select answer which you like most. In some cases you have to rate some articles and products too.

How Online Surveys work?

For each survey you will get paid from 1 dollar to 3 dollar in beginning. After that when you are recognize by the system and companies rate your choice higher than your pay rate will also increase and in some cases up to 75 dollar per task or 10 dollar per hour. The big problem with earning money via online surveys is that this industry has too many scam programs means they don’t pay you after your work. So you have to be very careful choosing online surveys websites and validate that they 100% legit or not.

Please keep in mind that at this point only allows you to open Pakistani account and give your opinion. In order to earn money with another website you need to use USA ip address via any free VPN service like Hotspot etc.

1. Toluna

Other sites require USA ip address.

2. Swagbucks

3. My Points

4. MySurvey

5. Vindale Research

6. Global Test Market

7. OnePoll

There are also websites which will give you rewards just by filling out survey forms. But you cannot earn these prizes you have to win them. Each prize has a number of survey tasks which have to be filled in by you in order to be eligible for a prize. These prizes contain, Apple Ipad2, Play station 3, Nintendo Wii and Various laptops editions.